Patient Guide to Success

The Patient Guide to Success form was designed to ensure patients receive customized counseling and education for their new hearing aids. Much of the content was designed with input from numerous government audiologists and their existing materials. Please fill out the drop down menu below to create and print your patient’s counseling guide.  Each drop down selection will then provide specific content ensuring your patient has a reference tool to access after their fitting.  

Also, please note there are free text fields below allowing you the ability to customize specific content unique to your counseling style and/or your patient’s needs.  When writing in the text boxes, please write exactly as you would want it to appear in their guide.  You can save the document in a PDF format and attach the record to a file as needed.  The layout has been designed to print in black and white.

Important – when creating this form please note that no patient information is stored by Unitron. This form is used for the sole purpose of creating a PDF that can be printed or saved by the hearing professional.

The PDF created from this form will be approximately 10 pages long and cover the following general information. Some of the sections appear only if you select the button on this form (i.e., the IOI-HA)

  • Getting started (lifestyle goals and explanation of hearing loss)
  • What to expect from your hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries (size and how to replace)
  • Inserting and removing your hearing aids
  • Care and maintenance
  • Communication strategies
  • Ordering batteries and supplies (includes VA battery order form)
  • IOI-HA (only appears if selected on the web form)
  • Hearing aid accessories(only appears if selected on the web form)

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